Who are we?

About Atlantic Business Network

Atlantic BizNet (Business Network) is a dynamic business organization and has a classifieds site with a live and wide range of categories i.e. cosmetics, garments, books, electronics, and general items. New products are posted promptly after extending the range and/ or receiving the stock to maintain the inventory at the threshold level. We are more than happy to offer our platform to buy quality products and services 24/7.

Our objective is to deploy the platform to offer easy purchases in the well-controlled pattern. You can ask us to sell and/ or trade the desired items.

Hence, we invite everyone to join our platform to help and support each other by adding your offers. That may be widened to different communities and countries as per availability of facilities and support from local authorities and businesses.

Thus, Atlantic BizNet is here to offer, support, and help you to get the most current and up-to-date products. We also need encouragement and inspiration to improve the overall the offered services. There are so many of our direct/ indirect customers who may obtain the benefit from our platform. We built and established this online platform to obtain new subscriptions and save or earn money in unique ways.

Our Team

Our team of professionals around the world

Shakeel Ahmed

Business Operation


Taha Nazir

Business Management


Muhammad Daniyal

Marketing and Technical Services


Wolfgang Danz

Media and Development


Sohaib Ahmed

Accounting and Finance


Kunza Aqdas

Sales and Promotion


Arsalan Taha

Trainee Learner


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If you need support from our customer service team, you can reach out here.

 General Inquiry: info@atlanticbiznet.ca

 Help and support: help@atlanticbiznet.ca | support@atlanticbiznet.ca

Administration: office@atlanticbiznet.ca | admin@atlanticbiznet.ca

Marketing and Sales: sale@atlanticbiznet.ca

Opportunities: hr@ atlanticbiznet.com

Media Inquiries: web@atlanticbiznet.ca


Head Office

6660 Kennedy Road, Suites 201 – 205
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2M9 Canada